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XML The Reflection of Collective Memory in Architectural Studies
Mehdi Soltani *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Analysis of the Role of Endowment Tradition in the Development of Urban Centers Based on the Constitution Theory
Mohammad Taghi Pirbabaei *, Rahim Iranshahi
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Analyzing the Role of Basic Religion Institutions in the Local Community Development: The Case of Sheshgelan Neighborhood
Peyman Zadehbagheri *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML An Insight into the Interrelation between the Mosques’ Architectural Codes and the Quality of Worshipers’ Presence of the Heart: A Case Study of the Safavid Mosques in Isfahan
Mahdieh Ahmadi, Hero Farkisch *, Vahid Ahmadi, Ahmad Mirza Kouchak Khoshnevis
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML An Investigation into the Relationship Between Social Capital and Built Environment of Residential Neighborhoods with an Emphasis on Public and Open Spaces: A Case Study of Tabriz
Mohammad Soltanzadeh Zarandi *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Explaining the Model of Cultural Planning of Urban Parks
Leila Medghalchi *, Morteza Mirgholami, Mehdi Nilipour
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Explaining the Mechanism of the Effect of Culture on Understanding the Creativity of the Architectural Work with the Theory of E'tebariat
Hamze Pirbabaei, Minou Gharehbaglou *, Mohammad Ali KayNejad
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Redefining the Concept of “Value” in Housing Planning from an Islamic Perspective (Case Study: Tabriz)
Atefeh Sedaghati *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Conceptualizing and Truth-Seeking the Mission of the “Islamic Lifestyle” in Explaining the Fundamental Criteria of “Iranian-Islamic Housing” in the Age of Globalization
Erfan Khasm Afkan Nezam *, Vida Taghvaei
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Applying the Islamic Realism to Conceiving the Human Values of Place in Architecture
Saman Saba *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML Investigating the Philosophical Origin of Community Education in the Citizen Participation Process from the Perspective of Islamic Realism
Nastaran Najdaghi *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
XML An Analysis of the Megatrends Effects on the Future of the Iranian-Islamic City through Structural Analysis and Scenario Planning: A Case Study of the Historical Context of Tabriz
Masoumeh Ayashm *
Abstract -   Full text (PDF)
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Culture of Islamic Architecture and Urbanism Journal

2020، Volume 5، Number 2

Print ISSN: 2716-9758

Online ISSN: 2716-9642

Director-in-Charge: Mohammad Ali Keynejad

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Taghi Pirbabaei

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  • :: Indicators of the Islamic city from the perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ideals

    :: analysis of quality evaluation indicators of contemporary Iranian-Islamic housing based on hierarchical analysis method (Case study: Housing built in different decades of Tabriz)

    :: A Comparative Study of the Entrance Circulation of Abbasi Jame Mosque and Seyyed Jame Mosque in Isfahan within the Geometric Proportion in an Architectural Plan

    :: Definition the Dimensions and Strategies of Improvement Spirituality in Pilgrimage Cities Approaching on Holy Shrines

    :: Present Prioritize parts of housing Pattern based on Inhabitants' lifestyle, Case Study: Organizational Housing of Young personnel of the Armed Forces

    :: Perception of nature in Gajar-era houses in Tabriz

    :: A survey on the disclosure of Islamic-Iranian Lifestyle in the Architecture of Residential Complexes )Case study: Livingrooms and guest rooms in residential complexes in Tabriz)

    :: Theory Making for Architecture Based on Behavioral Content of Essential Islamic Holy Texts

    :: Applying the Islamic Realism to Conceiving the Human Values of Place in Architecture

    :: Redefining the Concept of “Value” in Housing Planning from an Islamic Perspective (Case Study: Tabriz)

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